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KIC Raw Materials

The EIT (EIT = European Institute of Innovation & Technology) brings together leading higher education institutions, research labs and companies to form dynamic cross-border partnerships – Knowledge and Innovation Communities, KICs - that develop innovative products and services, start new companies, and train a new generation of entrepreneurs.
EIT / KIC Raw Materials vision is to develop raw materials into a major strength for Europe. The mission of the EIT RawMaterials is to boost the competiveness, growth and attractiveness of the European raw materials sector via radical innovation and entrepreneurship.
To fulfil the mission radically new ways of thinking will be required, as summarized in three strategic objectives:
- Securing raw materials supply,
- Designing solutions,
- Closing material loops.

The innovation approach consists of:
- KIC Activity Lines (Matchmaking & Networking, Validation & Acceleration, Learning & Education, Business Creation & Support),
- Tracks (Start-up Track, Radical Innovation Track, SME Track, Perfect Job Track),
- Funnel management consisting of roadmapping, portfolio analyses and stage-gate approaches.

KIC Raw Materials partners cover 80% of the raw material sector in Europe and include:
- business,
- higher education,
- research.