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CEEPUS Network for Raw Materials - RAMSIS ‐ Raw Materials Smart Innovation Strategies in the ESEE Region

CEEPUS "Central European Exchange Program for University Studies"

Network CIII‐AT‐1102‐01‐1617

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The CEEPUS strategy of connection within Central Europe follows the philosophy of the integration of Central European partners into the education and research community by enabling the exchange of knowledge, expertise and innovation through the mobility of students on all levels, as well as through teaching staff mobility. By proposing a broad, yet precisely defined thematic network RAMSIS will contribute to strengthen academic ties in the Raw Materials Sector across Central Europe.
One of Regional Innovation Scheme for East‐ and South East Europe (RIC ESEE) main tasks is bringing the East‐ and South East Europe (ESEE) Region to the EIT Knowledge and Innovation Community on Raw Materials (EIT RawMaterials) and the EIT RawMaterials to the ESEE Region. This strategy, will allow the Central European Partners to participate in European Projects and funding schemes through RIC ESEE. Mobility of academics aims at the result of cooperation projects along the lines of the Knowledge Triangle will lead to the re-establishment of the ESEE region as confident industrial, research and academic player in the Raw Materials sector.
In the first year of RAMSIS 2016/2017 the network consists of six partner countries and six Higher Education Institutions:
- Montanuniversitaet Leoben, Austria,
- AGH, Krakow, Poland,
- University of Zagreb, Croatia,
- University of Belgrade, Serbia,
- TUKE, Kosice, Slovakia,
- University of Miskolc, Hungary.
Due to the multidisciplinary background of all partner institutions involved in the value-added raw materials chain, a multitude of faculties is represented in the network, which is of utmost importance.