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Baltic University Programme

AGH – University of Science and Technology in Kraków actively cooperates with the Baltic University Programme (BUP). This cooperation, since its beginning (1990s) has been coordinated and animated by Faculty of Mining Surveying and Environmental Engineering. BUP is the international network of more than 220 universities form Baltic Sea region. It is The network is coordinated by BUP Secretariat at Uppsala University, Sweden.
The main goal of Programme is the development of innovative forms of cooperation, both among the universities, and between universities and society, local and national governments. The main areas of Programme’s interests are sustainable development, environmental protection and democracy in the region, and the aim of Programme’s activities is to support the key role that universities play in those areas.
AGH students, in the framework of our cooperation with BUP, have the possibilities to access the rich and diverse offer of novel forms of the international cooperation and education. The most important ones are the International BUP Students Conferences, which are organized regularly and gather more 100 students from the whole Baltic region. Especially attractive for students is the annual summer conference Sustainability Applied in International Learning (SAIL), which is the cruise on the big sail ship, combined with the rich educational offer.
Students of our university regularly attend the every-year academic course Sustainable Water Management in Baltic Sea Region, which is offered within AGH International Studies. This course, beside the traditional classes and lectures, consists the videoconferences, small papers) and other educational forms, which are realized in the international teams. Thus, our students have the opportunity to directly exchange knowledge and experience with their colleagues from Ukraine, Russia, Sweden and many others, as well as from Polish academic centres.
The PhD student from AGH also benefit from our cooperation with BUP. The most interesting possibilities is the Baltic University Programme Annual Award for the Best PhD Thesis, and the BUP workshop for PhD candidates, which goal is to give them the interdisciplinary support in preparation and development of their thesis.