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The independent Faculty of Geo-Data Science, Geodesy, and Environmental Engineering was established on October 1st 1951 by joining two existing Divisions: Division of Surveying at the Faculty of Engineering of the University Polytechnic Faculties and Division of Mining Surveying of the Faculty of Mining Surveying. The first Dean of the new Faculty was Tadeusz Kochmański. Initially, the Faculty of Mining Surveying comprised seven departments. Successively, there were many structural changes, the most important being as follows: 1966, establishing Department the Division of Deposit Management at the Department of Mining Surveying and 1968 - establishing of Photogrammetry. Particular attention should be focused on the establishment of the Inter-Faculty Institute of Mining Surface Protection (1968) which was a pioneering action at the Polish universities.
After 1969 the Faculty of Mining Surveying was divided into institutes. In 1973 the Walery Goetel Seminar of Environmental Management and in 1983 - the Complex of Laboratories were established. In 1990, the Faculty's name was changed into the Faculty of Mining Surveying and Environmental Engineering. The institutes were liquidated in 1993 and replaced by divisions, substituted, in turn, by departments in 1998.
Since its origin, the Faculty has been entitled to confer the PhD degrees in surveying and cartography; since 1968 it has been also authorised to confer Doctor Habilitatus degree. So far, the Council of the Faculty has conferred 151 doctorates (incl. 55 people from outside the Faculty) and 45 Doctor Habilitatus degrees (incl. 19 people from outside the Faculty).
Special attention should be paid to the fact that two professors, very merited to the Faculty - Zygmunt Kowalczyk and Tadeusz Kochmański, were given doctor honoris causa degrees. In addition, Prof. Z. Kowalczyk was Associate Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Prof. Michał Odlanicki-Poczobutt has been Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences; he also was Deputy Rector of the University of Mining and Metallurgy; in 1998, he was given doctor honoris causa degree of the Academy of Agriculture and Technology in Olsztyn.

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