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The scientific research activity of the faculty focuses on the application of information technologies in the aspect of processing spatial information (GIS) and the use of modern measurement techniques, as well as improving the methods of the evaluation of the natural environment, the optimisation of the influence of industry on its condition, and the restoration of biological functions to contaminated areas.

The faculty offers education in three fields of study at 1st and 2nd cycle study programmes (full-time and part-time), as well as postrgraduate courses.

Graduates of the faculty can apply for land surveyor licences (including mining surveyor's licence), a certified builder's licence, as well as licences in the field of land and property valuation.

The faculty has at its disposal the latest geodetic facilities and tools, and 25 specialist laboratories and computer rooms for conducting classes and research.

The faculty collaborates with many international institutions by means of the exchange of employees and students, and carrying out research tasks.

The rich history of the Faculty of Geo-Data Science, Geodesy, and Environmental Engineering dates back to the year 1951.